SITENHANCE is a web development agency that built web applications for local non-profits and businesses in Houston, TX. Co-founded by myself and two partners Halbert Rivera and Alan Pham, as a team, we delivered products to eight clients. Please find a selection of our work below.

This site informed the larger public about the free student-run trademark clinic, at the South Texas College of Law.

The website's goal was to provide an online intake portal that helped visitors submit an application and resolve answers to frequently asked questions.

The project was built in Wordpress and completed in ten weeks and reduced the program coordinators' labor hours by 3-5 hours every week.

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This client wanted to move from a Wordpress site to a custom-coded website to host and store their media assets. That required a private server for videos, video player integration, CMS component, and custom coded front end.

Our solution provided AWS server customization, JW player integration, and WordPress integration to build the website. Ultimately, due to JW player integration's load times, the client decided it was best to host on YouTube.

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